Playable set of common irons! Group includes Wilson mid iron, Spalding Mashie, monarch Mashie, Mashie Niblick, P90 PGA Niblick. Heads are tight. Shafts are straight. Clubs have good weight. Grips are all solidly in place and useable.


Set of T Stewart irons appear to have been together since their manufacture. Bright nickel plated. Shafts are good. Clubs should have new grips and be reset with epoxy for play. Good weights.


Scarce left hand MacGregor OA Niblick. Heavy F swingweight. Straight, stiff, undamaged hickory shaft has been out of the head, epoxied and repinned. Club measures 36.5".


MacGregor Perfection model Mashie iron. New suede wrapped grip. Head has been off, epoxied and repinned. Straight undamaged hickory shaft. Whipping added for strength during play. Please be sure to view the last picture. There was an excessive amount of whipping on the hosel, which I removed to inspect for damages. I then replaced it in my normal 3 band pattern, as you will see in the pictures. Club measures 38", D0 swingweight, 25* of loft, firm shaft.


Beautiful and rather unique head stamp with Robt Condie, and St Andrews in an oval. Straight undamaged hickory shaft with Auchterlonie St Andrews stamp just below the grip. Grip appears original and is near pristine and is solidly in place. Very nice example.


Forgan 2 iron with new suede wrapped grip. Straight undamaged hickory shaft. Club measures 38", C6, 25*, firm shaft.


22.5* long iron, possibly driving iron. The Bert, by H&B Edinburgh. Mongrel shaped head. Straight undamaged hickory shaft. Club measures 39.5", C6 swingweight, stiff shaft.


Give me a minute of your time, and let me tell you why this us the playset you should buy. All TStewart of St Andrews, nicely balanced and graduated. Heads have been off, epoxied and repinned. New suede wrapped grips have been applied on all play clubs. Shafts are straight with no damages. Group includes driving iron from the last commissioned models for Tom Morris before his death. Personally inspected by Tom Stewart. 39.5", C8 swingweight, 18* of loft. 2 iron, Art Longworth signature model, 39", C9, 27* of loft.


Beautiful original set of Fancy Face MacGregor Master woods with Bristol copper or bronze colored steel shaft by the Horton Mfg Co. Shaft stamps on each club. Original leather grips solidly in place. These are not a refinish job! Original in every way. For the serious collector!


Antique golf bag from the UK plus 1920s stainless MacGregor irons and wood all with unique copper shafts. Great display item for the office den or man cave. These will not rust or discolor, and will need no attention to remain beautiful and pristine as they are now.


Original straight and undamaged hickory shaft in this near pristine Spalding Dundee brassie with original finish. Period correct smooth leather wrapped grip. Club measures 43.75", C5, 13* loft, firm shaft.


For display only! Antique wood shaft golf clubs from about 1920, in an antique golf bag from the same era. Nice display in office, den, or man cave. Includes bag, wood brassie, Mashie Niblick, Mashie, Mid Iron, And Mashie iron.


4 Rustless Forgan irons. Clubs need some work, but will make a good group of playable hickories. Shafts are straight with no damages. All need new grips for play, and should be epoxied and repinned. Group includes 4, 5 Mashie, Mashie Niblick, and niblick 8. Niblick is D0, Mashie Niblick is D0, 4&5 are C5.


Awesome display set of antique hickory shafted clubs with 5” antique Stovepipe bag. Great display for office, den, or man cave. 6 clubs including putter, Niblick, Mashie Niblick, Mashie, Mid Iron And brassie driver. Bag is solid, and everything is attached.


Reconditioned and ready for hickory play! Scarce Wm Gibson of Kinghorn, George Duncan Akros iron set. Heads have been off, epoxied, and repinned. New suede wrapped grips have been applied. Whipping added for strength during play. Group includes Niblick, 36.5", D6 swingweight, 52* of loft. Mashie Niblick, 36.75", D6, 45*. Mashie, 37.75", D7, 40*. Jigger, 37.5", C7, 35*. Chipper, 38.25", C7, 31*. 3 iron, 39", D9, 27*. Mid iron, 39", C5, 23*. 2 iron, 39.5", C5, 19*.


4 putters with hickory wood shafts. One each, Stewart, Crisman Streamliner, New Mills. No cracks, chips, or splits to head neck or shaft. All head are tight in the hosel.


4 antique hickory putters! All shafts are tight in the hosel, with no damages, chips, splits or cracks. Straight shafts are tight in the hosel. Group includes one each, Stewart, Gamage brass, Standard Golf Hilton, Anderson and Sons Excelsior Gem Style.


6 Club Group Of Playable Hickory Golf Clubs. All clubs have undamaged hickory shafts and grips are solidly in place and useable. Great for occasional play or display. Group includes Wilsonian brassie driver, MacGregor Duralite 2 Iron, MacGregor Peerless Mashie, KroFlite spade Mashie 7, PGA P90 Niblick, and Standard Golf Mallet Putter. All clubs have good weights and lengths.


Kroydon S30B model putter. Straight undamaged hickory shaft is tight in the hosel. Original leather grip. No cracks or chips to head, hosel, or shaft. Club measures 35". Head is not all full of dings like many, very nice condition.


Spalding fancy face Spoon with original undamaged hickory shaft. Straight as an arrow! Newly applied suede wrapped grip. Club measures 41.5", 18* loft, D0 swingweight, firm shaft.


Unique Brown Vardon style unmarked brass hickory shafted putter. Also called gun metal. Shaft is straight with no damages and tight in the hosel. Very nice, later, wrapped leather grip, solidly in place and useable for many years. Club measures 33", with a heavy D2 swingweight. Medium to upright lie. Very useable putter, ready right out of the box.


He dry and Bishop Niblick, made in the U.K. and reconditioned for hickory play. Head has been off, epoxied and repinned. Straight undamaged shaft. New suede wrapped grip has been applied. D9 swingweight, 36.25”, 51* Of loft. Stiff shaft.


Nice bulldog utility wood for the hickory enthusiast. Straight undamaged hickory shaft. No chips splits or cracks to the head or neck. Later suede wrapped grip. Club measures 40.25”; 21* loft, D1 swingweight, firm shaft.



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