First of all, the idea of carrying 14 clubs is a very foreign idea to most hickory golfers. Almost as strange is the idea of having a set of even 5 or 6 clubs that are the same model, and from the same maker. I have an individual relationship with each of the 10 clubs in my current playset. Mostly they have been chosen for the flex of shaft, as well as their loft, and swingweights. These factors are all very relevant to what distance each club will hit a golf ball. I would suggest that most clubs used in modern hickory golf should have a swing weight of between C5, and D9, depending on your size and strength, and whether the club is a driver, long iron, or niblick, or something in between. It can also be very helpful if the club has some advanced technology, such as a flanged sole, or a mussel back, as these will help you get good loft on your shots. I have 3 niblicks of various lofts, 1 with a flange for sand play, that will hit a maximum of 70 yds. Another that is a Spaulding flanged custom made 9, that I use from 70-100 yds, and the third, a Cochrane goes from 100-114. Next, my Mashie Niblick is a Spaulding custom made 7 with a flanged sole that goes 115-130. Then I, have a no name benny, that I use from 130-140, and a Royal mashie with some lead tape from 140-154. My final iron is a TruFlite jigger with a mussel back from 155-175 yds. I carry a MacGregor fancy face master spoon that goes 180-205, and I drive with a Jack White brassie. All of my play clubs have been regripped with suede wrapped grips, which work much better than the old smooth leather that you will find on most antiques. In wet weather these suede grips are better than any modern grip made!! Often I go out with a 6 club set, so don't feel you have to have a certain number, your game will improve as you learn to hit them different distances. Find them one at a time, and build a relationship with each, as you find what each can and can't do.