Completely reconditioned and ready for hickory play! 6 Playable hickory shafted clubs from the 1920s. Heads have been off, epoxied, and repinned. All straight and undamaged hickory shafts have been whipped for strength during play. New suede wrapped grips have been applied. Group includes Niblick, 37”, E2, 49* loft. Mashie Niblick, 37.25”, D7, 44*. Mashie, 37.25”, D5, 36*, Mashie iron, 38”, D3, 30*. Mid Iron, 38.75”, D4, 25*. 2 Iron, 39”, D1, 20*. All shafts are firm to stiff in flex. Ready for the golf course right out of the box!


Randall hickory shafted putter in beautiful condition. No damages or defects and very few bag marks. Club measures 36”. C6 swingweight. Medium lie. Ready right out of the box!


Original hickory shaft in this beautiful Walter Hagen wooden head putter. No chips splits or cracks to the head, neck, or shaft. Silver inlaid aiming stripes perpendicular to the line of the putt. Club measures 35.5”, with a heavy D3 swingweight. Ready right out of the box!